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The internet is an interconnected realm where freedom of speech reigns and "intellectual property rights" are quickly being replaced by "open sourcing."  The tools of international communication and access to a world of ideas and resources are available not only to the rich, but to anyone with enough spare change to buy an hour at an internet cafe.   However, although the character of the internet is democratic, there are few websites which attempt to use the tools of the internet explicitly to aid the spread of democracy. seeks to fill this void.  By creating and posting free resources for democracy activists, publishing citizen views of democratization through blogging, and connecting democracy activists around the world through chat rooms and internet forums, seeks not only to support democracy around the world, but also to change the way democratization occurs. Because true democracies work from the bottom up, uses the internet to empower political activists in democratizing nations in their fight for honest, transparent, effective, and  accountable government. pursues this objective by launching projects and disseminating ideas.  You can learn more about them by clicking the links on the left.          
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